• Four year college degree
  • Two years of leadership experience in work or school
  • Ability and willingness to commit to a 2 year employment and development opportunity
  • Strong leaders looking for intentional leadership development
  • Servant teachable heart
  • Demonstrate the Character, Chemistry and Competence of our brand


  • Written expression of interest
  • Submit resume
  • Three references -  (one family, two outside of family)
  • Phone or video interview
  • In-person interview
  • Final interview

The Overview

The work experience portion of this program places each leader into a Director role in the Chick-fil-A restaurant, where they perform daily operating task, managerial function and impact others through leadership influence.  Participants will have the opportunity to experience many areas of the business by rotating through critical areas of the business.  During each rotation you will be receiving vision, coaching, business “scorecard” metrics, solving problems, developing others and raising up talent.  The rotation timeline will depend on proficiency in each area and based on timing and seasons of the business.

Projected Timeline Overview

  • Week 1-3 AM Kitchen Team Member

  • Week 4-7 PM Kitchen Team Member

  • Week 8-10 AM and PM Front Counter Team Member

  • Week 11 Submit leadership application

  • Week 11-14 Certified Trainer in area of choice (Front or Kitchen)



  • Week 15-28 Team Leader

    • Week 15-18 Developing

    • Week 19-30 Functioning

  • Week 29-30 Kitchen Team Leader

  • Week 31-38 Director

    • Week 31-38 Developing

    • Week 38 Functioning Director Role

      • Rotate every 3 months based on discretion of Director of Operations

      • See “advanced skills checklist” for continued development

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