What others say about Alex's leadership:

"When he (Alex) talks about growing his business, he NEVER talks about building his retirement fund or buying more things, he talks about having a bigger impact on the next generation. He wants to grow more, so he can make more, so he can GIVE more."
Ryan Powell, Owner / Operator Chick-fil-A Independence Mall


"Alex has a huge heart. He loved me enough to be honest with me about where I was as a leader relative to where I needed to be. 
Great influence requires great intentionality. I heard the same things over and over again about what was right and what wasn't. 
Even as I became more of a peer of his than a pupil Alex still kept saying the same things about doing the right thing no matter what the costs. Recently, (17 years later) he has demonstrated true servant leadership by dropping what he was doing to fly out and be with me during the most traumatic experience of my life. Great leaders serve. Alex is a great leader."
Philip Browne, Owner / Operator Chick-fil-A Waxahachie

Alex Rodriguez, Owner/Operator

Alex Rodriguez is a multi-unit Operator who has a proven history of developing 13 leaders who have become Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators or full time employees at the Chick-fil-A Support Center.  Additionally, Alex has been asked by CFA Inc. to be a source of leadership development for 17 current operators.

Chick-fil-A Perimeter at Hammond Drive


Chick-fil-A Perimeter Pointe